Selecting the Right Health Fund

It is said that health is wealth. Thus, opting for a health insurance without being fully aware of all of its facets might not only cause you to lose health but also your wealth! Despite a seemingly troublesome process, doing prior research and comparing the advantages offered by different health funds will indeed stand you in good stead both health and wealth-wise.

This is because clubbed under the all embracing banner of health insurance, there are a variety of options available dealing with coverage, coverage limits, restrictions and most importantly exclusions. It is very important to take into account all the points that you require in your policy and mark it off from the options available. As a result, getting a private health cover which corresponds to all your needs is often difficult, which necessitates undertaking a thorough health fund comparison before going for the option that is not only well priced but also best suited to your present and future medical requirements.

health fund comparison

Why Phoenix Health Fund?

Located in Newcastle, New South Wales and Mayfield, Phoenix Health Fund is a nonprofit organisation that has been founded exclusively for the steel company employees, current and retired, like OneSteel, Bradken, BHP and others. It thus aims not to make money, but rather provide the best private health insurance at the lowest prices possible. This is apparent when a health fund comparison is made as Phoenix Health Fund offers a pays back a 91% in claims compared to high of 86% of other insurance firms. The employees moreover have no reason to worry as the credibility of the company is obvious through the number of gold medals for value it has been awarded.

Life has no guarantee and despite taking all precautions, you can never know when you might require medical services. Phoenix Health Fund knows how important it is to be relaxed in such situations and will help you do away with panic and hasty decisions. Hence, they not only do their best to help you select the policy best suited to your needs but also encourage you to do a health fund comparison at your leisure before making a decision.

Keeping the varied needs of customers in mind, Phoenix provides a good set of options in the services, clearly marked out to avoid any form of confusion or inconvenience on your part.

How do you stand to gain?

Phoenix Health Fund has a comprehensive list of health insurance policies with varying medical insurance quotes. The Top Cover Combined, Young Savers Combined, Top Hospital, General Treatment and Value 500 Combined are only some of the health plans available which include services like physiotherapy, dental, optical, chiropractic, ambulance and pharmacy. A well thought-out travel plan is also available which has been designed to make it convenient for most people.

Going for Phoenix health fund is advisable as its easy online payment system makes paying the deposits hassle free. An attractive reference system in place provides added incentives in the form a 50 dollar gift card for every new member that joins on your reference. All these make joining Phoenix Health fund not only attractive but also extremely profitable.

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